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HoRNet L3012 is a channel strip plugin designed with bass players in mind and contains all the tools needed to make a bass sound good.

The plugin is the result of the collaboration between HoRNet Plugins and  Lusi, Italian bass player and aims to give you in a single package the tools you need for bass processing both in studio and live.

HoRNet L3012 packs under its interface an analog tube preamp section that can be overdriven to add grit to your sound, followed by a gentle “bass boost” circuit and a transient shaper, which makes the attack and picks of your bass sound great. You then get high pass and low pass filters, a low shelf, high shelf and a fully parametric mid band to fix resonances and shape your sound, the last stage is a complete compressor modelled after a famous VCA compressor often used on bass.

HoRNet L3012 is a very light and versatile plugin that provides you the highest quality sound with analog modelling technology in every part of the processing chain, for this reason internally it uses what we call “intelligent oversampling” allowing the plugin to choose the amount of oversampling (up to 4x) depending on the sampling rate of your DAW settings.

The GUI is completely drawn using vectorial graphics and is hardware accelerated so it looks good at every screen resolution and does not add processing weight to your CPU, it can be used for DSP processing.

We have also included two presets designed by Lusi to show you how the plugin can be used with two of the most popular bass models (you’ll guess which ones by the name of the preset) so just make sure you hit the plugin on the yellow part of the input meter and you are good to go.

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